According to Iran's Ministry of Oil, the Ministry of Oil has been approved by Iranian companies, these companies were not authorized to engage in any mast management, drilling services, public contractors, and EPC. Accordingly, the expansion and modernization organization set up a new company in the field of exploration And the company named "Gostaresh Iranian Oil And Gas Industries  Development Company (IDRO-Oil)" as a subsidiary of the organization and active in the field of Exploration and Production (E & P).
    Perform all activities of production and exploration and development of oil and gas fields - All activities related to the design, construction, maintenance, exploration and repair of projects and sites related to the oil and gas industry and related products - Investment and participation in Implementation of oil and gas projects and affiliated industries from the stage of studies to the implementation and operation of the project, obtaining representation from the producers of raw materials, products, domestic and foreign related machinery, granting of the sale of products to domestic and foreign representatives - Establishing agency offices In and out of the country - doing any commercial operations and contracting Commercial and financial transactions, commercial and industrial activities that are directly and indirectly related to the company's activities are among the activities that the company is currently undertaking in the field of oil and gas.
    Advancement of objectives and optimization of the communication space with approved E & P companies and membership of the E & P Companies Association of Iran as a professional company and providing appropriate solutions and negotiating the signing and implementation of IPC’s contracts are important issues for the company. To identify the dominant business environment and operationalize the company's goals.
    One of the strategies of the company, which has been planned in order to empower the Iranian oil and gas industry, is the development, transfer of technology and know-how in the field of exploration and production - designing and manufacturing of equipment for the oil and gas industries and associated industries, forming a consortium Developing and improving management systems (quality, safety, and environmental health) in line with current world standards and standards, with major international and domestic companies to enhance competitiveness, to develop global management capabilities at world-class level, and to develop and improve management systems (quality, safety and health) Increase in asset yields and annual growth of productivity factors of production and increase exports After generating from the field, developing, producing and selling petroleum products, implementing E & P - EPC - EPD projects and planning for projects, preferably external, using financial resources (EPCF).