West Paydar Oil Field:

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    The West Paydar Oil Field is one of Iran's oil fields, located 150 kilometers northwest of Ahvaz and north of the Paydar Field and discovered in 1359 by digging the first well. The oil of This field is heavy and the natural pressure of the reservoir does not respond to the pressure required to extract oil. Therefore, the use of a pump on the well is inevitable. The  west oil and gas company, in 2009, averaged 24-25 thousand barrels of oil per day has harvested from this field.
      This Field is located near the Iraqi Fakeh Field. The oil produced by the West Paydar Fields Wells is supplied by the multiphase pumps through the two 8-inch and 10-inch pipelines to the Cheshmeh Khosh Operation Unit.
The West Paydar Field is one of the fields of activity of the Iranian Central Oil Field Company (ICOFC), which shares with Iraq (Jabal Foghi Field) (about 20 percent of the field is in Iran and the rest is on Iraqi soil).
The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by the company with the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) on the development of this field and the prepare of MDP on 1396/02/18.
A study is under way to conduct studies and prepare MDP.

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