Susangerd Oil Field Upstream Studies Project (Preparation of MDP):

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Introduction :

 Susangerd Oil Field is located 45 km northwest of Ahvaz city and 20 km southwest of Ahvaz Field in northern Dezful and south of Zagross Deformation Front. The Susangerd anticline has stretches from northwest to south east and its range is characterized by geophysical activities. This field is located south of Bande karkheh and northeast of Jofaire Field, and its structural extension is similar to Mansouri and AB Teimur oil fields.

 Oil of all three Asmari, Ilam and Sarvak Formations, which the reservoir targets studied in this project, are heavy. So far, three wells have been drilled in this field. Wells 1 have been drilled in the northwest of the field to the Asmari Formation, well 2 in the center of the field to the end of Sarvak Formation and well 3 in the southeast of the field to the Fahliyan Formation. In this case, well No. 3 is twice Side Tracked.

Summary of activities performed :

 Following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) on the development of Susangerd oil fields on 1396/02/18, the study of this field and the preparation of MDP was on the agenda of this company. Due to the length of the selection process and the approval of the external consultant, the company began the work of studies by relying on its experienced experts from 1396/07/01. The duration of this project (preparation of the MDP) is 6 months and until the date of December 13, 2007. The summary of the activities carried out is as follows:

1-Gathering of technical information for starting and conducting studies in geological, geophysical, petrophysical, reservoir and drilling departments.

2-Geological and geophysical studies have been completed and the final report of this section is under preparation.

3-The interpretation of petrophysical data has been completed and a final report is underway.

4-Preparation of geological models is underway.

5-The basic engineering of the reservoir and the final report of this section are in progress.

6-Signing the contract with HOT ENG. As a Foreigner consultant for the MDP on 13/09/1396 at the Ministry of Industries.

7-Kick Off with consultant on 1396/09/14

8-Transmission of information and data and delivery of studies conducted so far to the consultant to review and prepare the final report of various departments

The Susangerd field MDP preparation project has up to 63% physical progress and will be completed by the end of this year, and the MDPs will be sent to the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) at the beginning of next year to approve and eventually sign the Susangerd Field Development Plan .


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